Conference Venue (EPFL) Overview Map

Industry Reception & Demos (Monday 18:00 at EPFL ROLEX Center)

The design contest will start with a session of short pitches in ELA-1 and the demos as well as the posters of the industry perspective papers will be shown during the industry reception in the ROLEX Learning Center at EPFL.

Gala Dinner (Tuesday 18:30 at Olympic Museum, bus at EPFL @ 18:00)

The Gala Dinner takes place at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne (Ouchy). The event includes a visit to the museum, an apero, and the dinner. Busses leave at EPFL (see map for pickup point) at 18:00. Return to the hotel is by yourself with Metro M2 and M1 for hotels at EPFL (bring your metro card). Note: Please be sure to bring your Dinner Ticket(s).

WIFI Access at EPFL

Use EDUROAM or connect to SSID freewifi-epfl and register and authenticate with your browser by requesting any web page.