The following four hotels offer conference discounts for ISLPED:

  1. JustSleep @ NTU
  2. Howard International House
  3. Liyuan Hotel
  4. Yo Xing Regency

These hotels are close to the conference venue and provide comfortable rooms and great service. More details can be found in the map and table below. In order to make your reservation, please fill out the reservation form listed in the table.

We strongly recommend that you make your reservation at your earliest convenience as these hotels fill up quickly in peak season.

For attendees stayed at Howard International House, ISLPED shuttle bus to the conference venue is available in front of the hotel every morning. An ISLPED sign will be displayed at the front of the bus, and the bus will depart on time. Bus schedule:
July 24, 8:20am
July 25, 8:45am
July 26, 8:45am


Note: 1 USD ≈ 31 TWD at the time of this posting.
No. Hotel ISLPED Price Room Type Nearest MRT Station Distance to Venue

JustSleep @ NTU

rvform Reservation Form

TWD 2,700 Hollywood King Gongguan
(Exit 2)
3-minute walk
1-minute walk
rvform Taxi Card
TWD 2,900 Hollywood Twin

Howard International House

rvform Reservation Form

TWD 1,950 Standard Single Taipower Building
(Exit 2)
15-minute walk
18-minute walk
rvformWalking directions
5 minutes by bus
(Line 284, get off at MRT Gongguan)
rvform Taxi Card ISLPED shuttle:
07/24 8:20am
07/25 8:45am
07/26 8:45am
TWD 3,420 Semi-Suite
(1 Queen Bed)
TWD 3,420 Semi-Suite
(2 Twin Beds)

Liyuan Hotel

rvform Reservation Form

Sun.-Thu. Fri.-Sat.   Taipower Building
(Exit 2)
3-minute walk
20-minute walk
8 minutes by taxi
10 minutes by bus
(Line 208 or 236, get off at MRT Gongguan)
rvform Taxi Card
TWD 2,100 TWD 2,550 Executive Room
TWD 2,200 TWD 2,650 Standard Room
TWD 2,300 TWD 2,750 Deluxe Room
TWD 2,400 TWD 2,850 Deluxe Double Room
(1 King Bed)

Yo Xing Regency

rvform Reservation Form


TWD 1,680 Superior Room Guting
(Exit 8)
3-minute walk
10 minutes by taxi
15 minutes by MRT
rvform Taxi Card
TWD 1,750 Standard Room
TWD 1,960 Deluxe Room
TWD 2,100 VIP Room
TWD 2,240 Standard Double
TWD 2,240 Family Room
for Three People
TWD 2,520 Japanese-Style Room
for Four People
TWD 2,660 Master Business Suite
TWD 2,450 Laureate Superior Single
TWD 2,590 Deluxe Executive Single
TWD 2,660 Royal Executive Twin
(2 Single Beds)
TWD 3,150 Europeanize Rhinestone Suite
TWD 3,360 Japannish Prettiness Suite