6th International Low Power Design Contest


Tegernsee, Germany; October 4-6, 2006

The International Symposium on Low Power Electronics and Design is holding the 6th International Low Power Design Contest to provide a forum for universities and research organizations to showcase original "power-aware" designs and to highlight the innovations and design choices targeted at low power. The goal is to encourage and highlight design-oriented approaches to power reduction.

The best designs will be selected and invited for presentation at ISLPED 2006, Tegernsee, Germany, on October 4-6, 2006. A special session in the symposium will be devoted to the Low Power Design Contest.

An industry-sponsored cash award will be awarded to each selected design entry (up to 5 entries may be selected). This could be used to defray the travel and living expenses for the speaker.

A call for submissions appears below. The deadline for submissions is July 31, 2006. Entries should be submitted electronically (in PDF or Postscript format) to the Design Contest Chair:

Barry Pangrle

ArchPro Design Automation, Inc..
2039 Samaritan Drive, San Jose, CA 95124

ACM/IEEE International Symposium on Low Power Electronics and Design Homepage:

ISLPED 2006 Low Power Design Contest Homepage:

Sponsored by: Intel, IBM, & TI


  • Submissions of original designs, developed at universities and independent research organizations are invited. Designs completed prior to Jan 1, 2004 are not eligible. Designs submitted to the ISLPED 2001-2005 Design Contests are not eligible.
  • Submissions should contain the title of the project, a 60-word abstract and a complete description of the design, not exceeding 4-6 pages of text and figures.
  • The submission should clarify the originality, distinguishing features, and the measured performance metrics of the design.
  • The power targets for the design, the design choices related to power, and the specific optimizations, techniques and tradeoffs used to reduce power need to be highlighted.
  • Submissions that present proof-of-implementation in the form of die, board or system photographs and measurement data will be rated higher.
  • Designs can be h/w or s/w based. Entries purely focused on optimization techniques/algorithms/tools are not suitable for the Design Contest.
  • Submitted designs should not have received awards in other contests.
  • Designs related to regular papers submitted to ISLPED 2006 can be submitted to the contest. They will be judged independently. However, in this case the authors need to state that they have submitted a regular paper as well. The Design Contest entry should also be qualitatively different from the regular paper and should specifically focus on the design description, and measurements, and needs to present proof-of-implementation. For papers accepted as regular papers/posters, a related submission to the Design Contest may be accepted/rejected based on the overlap of content with the regular paper/poster and the overall balance of the technical program of the Symposium.
  • Selected designs will be presented at the Symposium (in a special session and/or as posters).
  • Selected entries will not be published in the ISLPED 2006 proceedings and the authors can re-submit related papers to other conferences.
  • Each submission should include a cover page which includes:
    1. Name, affiliation and address of each author
    2. A designated contact person, including his/her telephone number, fax number, and email address
    3. A designated presenter, should the entry be accepted
    4. A statement on whether a related paper was submitted to ISLPED 2006 as a regular submission
    5. The following signed statement:  "All appropriate organizational approvals for the publication of this paper have been obtained. If accepted the author(s) will select a designated speaker to present the paper at the Symposium."